Board meeting held on 28 November.

Information to members resulting from the Board meeting held on 28 November.

There were 8 members of the Board present plus the President.

The Chairman reported amongst other things that;

a) the possibility of installing new tills in the bar that would allow for discounts to members had been put on hold until the New Year.

b) the match day experience and other bookings for the clubhouse were going well.

c) plans were progressing for the collation electronically of membership data for the whole club. This would allow swift and better communications to the majority of members. Those without e mail would still receive information by letter, hand etc but at a considerably greater cost.

d) good progress was being made with the new web site but a web master was urgently needed to manage the population of the site and thereafter.

A wide range of other issues were covered. These ranged from;

e) advice that at last a new bank account will shortly be opened.

f) noting that the intention is to consolidate the junior section finance records with those of the senior club in the New Year.

g) noting that the morale of the 1st team had improved significantly following the win against Oldfield.

h) noting that the Certificate of Practical Completion had been received regarding the Sidford Pavillion and that it was proposed to hold a formal opening ceremony in the New Year.

Wanted – someone to ensure that the new web site looks good and is always up to date. Also someone to maintain a database of club members. If you could help with either of these key roles, or your know someone who you think might be able to, please contact Robin Johnson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 578433.