Sidmouth played host to a Tag Rugby festival for 7-15 year olds this Sunday. We were blessed by sunshine and over 40 girls turned up to be coached in their age groups by some of Sidmouth's U18 girls and then take part in the Tag festival.

The coaching covered evasion, kicking and for the older girls, an introduction to tackling. It was then on to the main event, a series of Tag games, which would get the winning team a headstart on the last game. With 3 teams of coloured headband teams, The Champs and Cleos Team the festival got started. The younger players attracted a lot of attention, their tries scoring 2 points to the older girls one, with Maddie Russell scoring a number for her team. After a good start by the green headbands the overall winners, the aptly named Champs, soon started to pull away. This gave them a 10 second advantage on the final game to test their throwing accuracy and evasion skills - a water bomb fight!

Thanks to the girls and the parents who helped out making it a fun day when the sun thankfully shone!