Information to Members - Board Meeting 23rd Jan 2017


Information to members resulting from the 23 January 2017 Board meeting.

There were 7 Directors present

A wide range of topics was covered – these included;


  1. Colin Chesterton has resigned as Company Secretary and Director. Richard Sommers has been co-opted onto the Board as a Director and Company Secretary.

  2. The club have received grants for grounds maintenance equipment from RFU and Keith Owen fund and will be acquiring this soon. It will be stored at Sidford.

  3. An event will take place at the  Blackmore on Friday 10th February to celebrate the collaboration between SRFC, Sidmouth Town Council and the Devon Air Ambulance. The helicopter will now be able to land in darkness in Sidmouth and at Sidford to provide improved emergency cover for our community.

  4. A junior schools festival, run by Exeter Chiefs, will be hosted at Sidford during the day on Friday 10th February.

  5. We are planning a new database to improve the way we communicate with members, suppliers and sponsors with EDIT.

  6. It was agreed that we would update the Development Plan to ensure club planning for the future is clear to all involved with us.

  7. We will be setting up a Trading Subsidiary which will be wholly owned by the club and should avoid exposure to Corporation Tax.

  8. A revised procedure to ensure Safeguarding has been approved.

  9. A Volunteer’s evening is to be held on Friday 24th February to thank those who selflessly work for the present and future of the club.

  10. The RFU draw tickets are on sale at the moment. 90p of every £1 collected is retained by the club.

  11. A draft 5 year plan is being developed by the Director of Rugby relating to the playing of the game exclusively.

  12. A series of events are planned around the 6 Nations to welcome members into the club to enjoy our own unique atmosphere.

  13. A repeat of Reggae for Rugby will take place this year on 12th August

  14. A gala dinner is being planned with the England and British Lions forward Geoff Parling. Date to be advised.



The next Board meeting will be held on 20th February 2017