Information to Members - Board Meeting Jan 2016




Information to members resulting from 18 January 2016 Board meeting.


There were 8 Directors present


A wide range of topics were covered – these included;


  1. A rabbit proof fence for the Sidford pitches is now complete

  2. A project to procure ground maintenance equipment is being worked up with a view to an application to the Rugby Football Foundation.

  3. A quote has been received in respect of work required for the the Grandstand at the Blackmore and work will now proceed.

  4. A CASC participation exercise was under taken on 5/6 December with a view to confirming compliance which will be repeated on 20/21 February. A submission will be made to HMRC before 1 April 2016 to confirm whether we wish to continue to participate in the scheme.

  5. There are concerns about player availability across all teams and work will be undertaken through the Coaches Forum to understand what might be done.

  6. Defibrillators are available at Sidford and Blackmore and have now been signed.

  7. There will be a pre match lunch on 30 January 2016 for Junior Volunteers.

  8. A comprehensive programme of events is now in place for the 6 Nations and will be widely advertised. Members are encouraged to bring guests to the club to enjoy the games in the new bar facility and enjoy our hospitality

  9. Dates for Presentation and Volunteer evenings have been confirmed for the end of April/ Early May 2016. Details to be published on the web site

  10. A project is being proposed for the Nat West Rugby Force initiative which is to improve the area between the old clubhouse and the grandstand.

  11. Proposals from the Development Plan will be submitted to the DRFU for inclusion on their database of plans




    The date for the next meeting of the Board is Monday 22 February 2016.