Sidford Pitches & Bar Refurbishment



In order from left to right LW, DM, Ian Ritchie, Steve Grainger. 


Ian Ritchie, CEO RFU and Steve Grainger (Development Officer) visited the Sidford site to inspect the work completed with the help of a grant from the RFU. The £200,000 project is complete but now needs time to settle and mature ready for action in the early part of the coming season. The top officials from the RFU were very complimentary about the work and spent time looking at the work around the Sidford complex. 



Ian Ritchie talking with the designer, Kerin Hamill about the refurbishment of the clubhouse at the Blackmore. He and his fellow officers were pleased with the outcome and the way in which the grant from the RFU had been used. They thought the after result was fresh and contemporary and was one of the best that had been funded in the region.





The informal visit was completed with a broad ranging discussion about many issues and the group were joined by a trustee from the Morrison Bell Trust, Don Blyth. The representatives from the RFU were delighted with the way in which the club had delivered the project, on time and within budget.