Under 14s Welsh Tour

Sidmouth U14’s Welsh Tour 2009
By Rich Jenkins

Penclawdd U14s 28 Sidmouth U13s 32
Treorchy U14s 17 Sidmouth U14s 25

An early start at Sidford spelt the start the of the U14s tour of S Wales and it wasn’t long before the specialist skills of the some of the dads were required to ensure smooth thoroughfare of the coach. An onward uneventful journey resulted in a punctual arrival…. at a low bridge near Peclawdd Rugby Club. Another obstacle overcome and it was time for the boys to do their bit. Early scores straight from the whistle caught the home side napping, Sidmouth going on to dominate the first half against a physical Welsh team. Superior handling skills ensured dominant possession and the strength of the forwards maintained the territorial advantage. Half time changes brought the rest of the squad into play and, after a settling in period, during which Penclawdd clawed their way back into the game, a determined Sidmouth put some more points on the board, just enough to see them through to the final whistle which was welcomed by relieved travelling fans. Then it was into the clubhouse for well-earned refreshments (and something for the boys) and off to the hotel where further refreshments awaited. Evening team building exercises then ensured the continuity of the boys’ training schedule and a very constructive time was had by all, despite some of the worst refereeing decisions of the whole two days. An early night for all resulted in everyone being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the second day’s adventure and the boys were soon dominating another aggressive Welsh side. An excellent game of rugby produced great rucking from both sides but a superior teamplay with every boy, without exception, standing up to be counted and keeping calm heads when required produced a very apt finale to a wonderful tour.

A big thank you goes to Janet, Carron, Dan and others for ‘making it happen’.