Under 13s defeat Tourists

U13’s Match Report Sunday 11th April 2010 Sidmouth v Oakmeadians

Sidmouth – 44 Oakmeadians - 10

A Bournemouth touring side called Oakmeadians played the Sidmouth under 13’s at Blackmore on Sunday 11th April. Oaks opened the scoring early on with a fast running try down the wing with a three man combo slicing through the Sidmouth pack, though Sid’s responded quickly with Henry Gater making an interception to level the points in the 5th minute. This was followed by Bradley Reiff-Arnold who capitalised on a combined team effort to get him 5 metres out for the chance to stream through the Oaks line and score a try which Dominic Bess to successfully converted. Sidmouth’s Rabbie Hansford stretched his legs for an excellent half pitch running try crashing through three of the Oaks defence before placing the ball to round off the first half. As play restarted once more Hansford found the try line after picking up the ball from a driving ruck to score in the 33rd minute, followed by a Gater try after another interception plus conversion by Dan Powell in the 36th minute. A 10 metre penalty gave the Sidmouth forwards time to shine with Reith-Arnold making 5 metres passing to James Hawkins who made the final push through the Oaks line and score. Hansford converted. It was Hansford once more who regained ground down the wing after an Oaks drop kick failed to make touch. As the ball recycled Powell made another five metres ready to pass to Lewis Horne who made the final push to score in the 46th minute. Oakmeadians made a final effort and drove Sid’s back to their line in a succession of driving plays scoring in the 49th minute. Though, once more Sid’s responded with great passing play down the line producing an overlap allowing Bess to score in the final minutes.

Richard Horne