Under 13s dig deep to defeat the Cockles

U13’s Match Report Sunday 7th March 2010 Sidmouth v Exmouth

Sidmouth – 12 Exmouth - 5

Exmouth kept Sid under pressure initially with good forward play driving the home side back to the try line. This gave the visitors a chance to score their only try in the fourth minute. As play restarted good tackling by Sam Turner and Lewis Horne led to 5 metre line out in Exmouth territory. With Sid winning the ball a series of cycling plays led to a three man charge by Dominic Bess, Dan Powell and Horne on the wing who ran into a Exmouth defensive wall 5 metres out. As Sid’s drove over Rabbie Hansford took up the charge to drive through and score a converted try in the 12th minute. As the game restarted Exmouth once more attacked though a turn over gave Sid’s Harry West and Edward Thomas the opportunity to make a running play and good ground. A five yard scrum saw Sid once more reach the try line though a held up ball deigned them the points before the half time whistle. With the second half starting good tackling play by Callum Archibald opened a Sid charge with Bess and West getting near the try line only for the Exmouth defence to turn over the ball. This saw Exmouth’s Shaun Ford leave the match for hospital injured. A combination of good play by Sid’s Brad Reiff-Arnold, Powell, Horne, Bes and Turner gave Thomas the chance to score in the 27th minute and though Exmouth tried their hardest, Sidmouth kept them at bay for the remainder of this match.

Richard Horne