Under 13s dig deep to defeat the Cockles

U13’s Match Report Sunday 7th March 2010 Sidmouth v Exmouth

Sidmouth – 12 Exmouth - 5

Exmouth kept Sid under pressure initially with good forward play driving the home side back to the try line. This gave the visitors a chance to score their only try in the fourth minute. As play restarted good tackling by Sam Turner and Lewis Horne led to 5 metre line out in Exmouth territory. With Sid winning the ball a series of cycling plays led to a three man charge by Dominic Bess, Dan Powell and Horne on the wing who ran into a Exmouth defensive wall 5 metres out. As Sid’s drove over Rabbie Hansford took up the charge to drive through and score a converted try in the 12th minute. As the game restarted Exmouth once more attacked though a turn over gave Sid’s Harry West and Edward Thomas the opportunity to make a running play and good ground. A five yard scrum saw Sid once more reach the try line though a held up ball deigned them the points before the half time whistle. With the second half starting good tackling play by Callum Archibald opened a Sid charge with Bess and West getting near the try line only for the Exmouth defence to turn over the ball. This saw Exmouth’s Shaun Ford leave the match for hospital injured. A combination of good play by Sid’s Brad Reiff-Arnold, Powell, Horne, Bes and Turner gave Thomas the chance to score in the 27th minute and though Exmouth tried their hardest, Sidmouth kept them at bay for the remainder of this match.

Richard Horne

Under 13s defeat Tourists

U13’s Match Report Sunday 11th April 2010 Sidmouth v Oakmeadians

Sidmouth – 44 Oakmeadians - 10

A Bournemouth touring side called Oakmeadians played the Sidmouth under 13’s at Blackmore on Sunday 11th April. Oaks opened the scoring early on with a fast running try down the wing with a three man combo slicing through the Sidmouth pack, though Sid’s responded quickly with Henry Gater making an interception to level the points in the 5th minute. This was followed by Bradley Reiff-Arnold who capitalised on a combined team effort to get him 5 metres out for the chance to stream through the Oaks line and score a try which Dominic Bess to successfully converted. Sidmouth’s Rabbie Hansford stretched his legs for an excellent half pitch running try crashing through three of the Oaks defence before placing the ball to round off the first half. As play restarted once more Hansford found the try line after picking up the ball from a driving ruck to score in the 33rd minute, followed by a Gater try after another interception plus conversion by Dan Powell in the 36th minute. A 10 metre penalty gave the Sidmouth forwards time to shine with Reith-Arnold making 5 metres passing to James Hawkins who made the final push through the Oaks line and score. Hansford converted. It was Hansford once more who regained ground down the wing after an Oaks drop kick failed to make touch. As the ball recycled Powell made another five metres ready to pass to Lewis Horne who made the final push to score in the 46th minute. Oakmeadians made a final effort and drove Sid’s back to their line in a succession of driving plays scoring in the 49th minute. Though, once more Sid’s responded with great passing play down the line producing an overlap allowing Bess to score in the final minutes.

Richard Horne

Under 12s in Fine Form

SRFC U12’s Sunday 11th October 2009
Sidmouth U12s 63 Honiton U12s 0

This proved to be a far easier encounter than the previous week at Okehampton. The Sidmouth pack were on top from the word go and provided great ball for the Sidmouth backs to exploit their superior speed and strength. The return of Tom Counsell provided the power to Sidmouth’s mid field to blast through Honiton’s defence.

Honiton never gave up and their forwards charged into Sidmouth’s defence all morning, but were brought to ground by great tackling from Henry Thomas, Lucan Horsnell and Jack Bevans. The half back pairing of Aaron Bagwell and Sam Cavin were pulling the strings and the back line of Tom Counsell, Harry Lovell, Jack Scrivens, Edward Oswald and Billy Collin looked like they could score whenever they had the Ball.

Every kick off was fielded cleanly and great ball presentation, from Toby Lee in particular, set up quick ruck ball well won by Jerome Blackburn and Theo Headon. The Sidmouth squad policy meant many changes in personnel; with the introduction of Ashley Baker, Charlie Norris, William Thomas, Tom Thorne, Finley Stone, Connor Woodhouse, Benn Cook, Lewis Roberts and Edward Polley. However with regular game time for all, we saw no drop in intensity and the tries continued to flow.

Honiton had some very spirited runners who kept going through the entire game and were within inches of breaking through on many occasions and I’m sure their coaches were proud of their efforts.

The only disappointment of the day was the right hand touch judge’s failure to keep up with play - something to do with a loss of glasses was the excuse when he was chastised by the referee.

Fine Win at Launceston for Under 13s

U13’s Match Report Sunday 13TH December 2009 Launceston V Sidmouth

Launceston – 5 Sidmouth - 41

A kind invitation by Launceston RFC to host Sidmouth U13’s led to a good turn out by both teams. Though the LFRC ground appeared to be under a Hogwarts anti-muggle charm and invisible to many of the Sidmouth parents, especially the Rattue’s who apparently went via St Ives.

The initial minutes saw both teams finding their feet and exploring each other defence. Sid’s drew first blood after a 5 yard lineout and a quick scrum fed the ball to Rabbie Hansford who charged through the Launceston line in the fifth minute. Dan Powell converted. As the game restarted Sid’s found the Launceston Achilles heal kicking deep into their territory then intercepting before the home side could return the ball. Good passing to the wing found Edward Thomas who scored in the eighth minute. Followed by another from Thomas in the fifteenth minute when a long pass from Dominic Bess led to an overlap and eventual try. Launceston failed to capitalise on the multiple penalty’s awarded against Sid, instead the visitors attacked forcing the home side back to their 5 yard line. Excellent forward driving play from James Thomas, Bugsy Hawkins, Hansford, Connor Fry and Lewis Horne gave Bradley Reiff-Arnold the chance to crash through to the line and score before the half time whistle.

As the second half started Sam Turner led a series of tackles and driving plays to give Reiff-Arnold once more the chance to score in the 29th minute. Another long distance kick from Powell led to an interception by Horne to plant the Sid forwards deep in the LRFC half. With Fry going to ground Hawkins picked up the ball for the final push over the line. Powell once more converted. Play slowed down with several more penalty’s against the visitors though Sid picked up the pace once more with excellent passing play down the line to Will Amos who scored a well deserved try in the forty first minute. In the dying minutes LRFC finally pulled a try back after another penalty gave them the chance to score on the wing.

Richard Horne

Under 12s Win at Okes

SRFC U12’s Sunday 4th October 2009
Okehampton U12s 7 Sidmouth U12s 28

I’m sure most of the Sidmouth forwards will agree that this was a hard fight with Sidmouth struggling to deal with a much heavier Oke pack. The match started well for Sidmouth with multi phases of play from good rucks leading to an overlap for the backs which was well put away by Sam Cavin. Sidmouth crossed the line twice more, only for the ref to be unsighted and unable to award a try. Oke crossed the line themselves but again the ref was unsighted and no try was awarded. Sidmouth scored again when Angus Eaton strolled in unopposed thanks to good forward work and vision from the half backs. Oke replied immediately as the kick off took a wicked bounce which was pounced on to score.

Sidmouth replied in similar fashion with Billy Collin pouncing on his own kick off to restore the two try lead. The Sidmouth pack then gained the upper hand to finish the stronger with man of the match Aaron Bagwell taking advantage of a powerful drive from a five yard scrum to break up the blind side to score. The match certainly showed up some areas of play which need a lot of work but it also showed what a great squad ethic we have with all the coaches agreeing that every player had played their part in this hard fought victory. Well done to you all we are off to a winning start but you need to concentrate on the basic skills being taught at training so that we can improve our performance.

On a funnier note the team have decided that although Derek Blackburn’s tightrope walking skills leave a lot to be desired his tumbling skills are exemplary (Derek tripped over the safety rope and tumbled down the bank onto the pitch - he was unscathed).