Match Reports

Sidmouth Vs Newton Services U15 Girls

Sidmouth Newton Services Cup Match 1

Sidmouth's U15's attended Devonport for their Cup Game against Newton Services today.  They entered the pitch with their heads held high but still weary from their travel. 

In the first few minutes Newton Services scored their first try, but no conversion shortly followed by a further 2 trys and 2 conversions. Sidmouth's heads went down but they were not going to be beaten and soon scored their first try of the game followed by a fantastic conversion both by Hannah Vicary. Newton Services seemed to tire but at the end of the first half were still ahead of Sidmouth at 26 - 12.

Sidmouth came back onto the pitch with all girls raring to go so not to show defeat, played some amazing rugby and they showed total determination.  Team play was part of this matches triumph. Louise Wyatt, scored the first try of the second half running straight down the wing with Newton Services on her heels. Hannah Vicary slipped through like she was invisible to score her second try of the game. Newton Services pushed themselves, battling their way through Sidmouth to slip in another try. Sidmouth were on a role, Laika Swain to steal the ball and hit the line.  Sooner than expected Yasmine Whitrow broke free from the clan and ran the full length of the pitch to score her first try of the game. Robyn Gillings took the ball at the 25 m line and took it into touch yet another try.  Newton Services some how slipped through the fingers of Sidmouth, but Sidmouth weren't worried as they still had room to make another run. Yasmine Whitrow took Sidmouths last few minutes to score the last try of the game. Well played game and fantastic tactics from the girls after waking up in the second half and what a come back. Following all Hannah Vicary's well deserved conversions the game ended Sidmouth 50 - 36 Newton Services.