Kingsbridge colts Vs Sidmouth

Saturday 11th April 2015

Sidmouth Colts achieved their 9th win of the season out of 22 matches so far on a sunny though windy afternoon at the High House ground above Kingsbridge.

On a dry fast pitch Kingsbridge’s larger pack competed well for the ball and, in both open play and at scrum time, their well-drilled technique forced Sidmouth to transgress beyond what was acceptable to the referee, gaining Kingsbridge advantageous penalties and two yellow cards against Sidmouth.

The referee came under quite a barrage of advice from both touchlines and, after one lengthy period of questioning early on, was forced to ask some to shut up or come on to the pitch to discuss the matter; thankfully they chose the former.

Despite playing short handed during the sin bin periods, Sidmouth never allowed Kingsbridge to fully develop any advantage and, when penalties were kicked to touch, competed hard and successfully to force errors from their hosts, which combined with the consistent jumping from Malachi Rayner and Dan Swain, and Thomas’ throwing on their own line outs throughout the match provided a great platform for Sam Cavin and Aaron Bagwell to control which areas of the pitch were to be played in. Aaron’s length of passing and sniping around the fringes kept Kingsbridge’s defence tight, allowing Sam to move the ball into the midfield where both centres had many opportunities to run at their opposite numbers.

All in all it was a well played game with well taken tries, good place and kicking out of hand and thrilling last man try-saving tackles in the opening and closing minutes of the match, which respectively kept Sidmouth in the game and ensured they maintained the lead to the finish.

There now remains the possibility of a double win against Kingsbridge in the return match at home for the season’s finale on April 25th.

Kingsbridge 22 Sidmouth 26

By Richard Welch